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Experience VR in your car!


It's all fun and games.

Get access to our content library and enjoy movies & series on the go or play your favorite games.


Retrofit Pack for all vehicles

Bring VR entertainment in your car

The future of entertainment on the go: Experience real-time synchronization of the car’s motion, location, and route in your virtual reality experience with less motion sickness.


holoride-ready Audi vehicles

Upgrade your Audi

Dive into the VR excitement with our Pioneers' Pack. Through the exclusive Audi integration, every backseat ride transforms into an exciting adventure.

Rent your holoride experience for 29€
Your holoride retrofit pack contains everything you need to experience motion-synchronized VR experiences in your car. Get 3 months access to holoride incl. hardware for only 29€ a month.
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What others say

"holoride takes in-car entertainment from the screen to the multiverse of your imagination."

Kiri Callaghan

"holoride is creating a mind blowingly dynamic in-headset experience!"

The Warp Zone

"There's virtual space around me mimicking the real world to totally negate that motion sickness effect that you might get if you were staring at your phone in your lap for a long road journey. Incredible."

Tom's Guide