Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack
Retrofit Pack

All you need. In one pack. For every car.

Retrofit Pack


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Ready to enjoy immersive experiences in any car? The Retrofit Pack includes all items you need to enjoy motion-synced VR experiences in any car.

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What you’ll get

holoride retrofit

The holoride retrofit extends our in-car entertainment technology to every car.

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The perfect travel companion both for long and short trips.

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8BitDo Pro 2

Play like a Pro with 8BitDo's most advanced controller ever.

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Safety Strap

A safety strap to connect your seat belt with the headset while in use.

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Buckle up
Bring holoride into your car
Fully immersive content

holoride takes gaming to another level. Get ready to really feel what you see through motion-synchronized content! When the car you sit in turns right, your VR game does exactly the same thing.

Enjoy every ride

You're on the same route every day? No worries, holoride makes each ride unique, so it never gets borning. Choose your favorite experience and enjoy the entertainment in a way like no other.

More euphoria, less nausea

By synchronizing what you see in VR with the motion of the car you're in, we're minimizing the effect of motion sickness. That way you can play games, watch movies or mirror your phone in the car.


Rent your holoride retrofit pack

Get ready for a special experience and be one of the first to rent a holoride pack! Benefit from low costs, unlimited fun and a flexible rental period.

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What other holoriders say

"My personal favorites were the books. The books are literally as interactive as they can get. Did you see the dinosaur stepping out and telling its own story?! Genius!

Oyla Hill

"With a metaverse platform, a Web3 token and a gadget that actually works, Holoride is poised to take over VR in the car (...)."


"holoride is creating a mind blowingly dynamic in-headset experience!"

The Warp Zone